Scholes slams Rashford-Bruno in loss to the Newcastle.

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Paul Scholes criticized the performance of both Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandes. In the game Manchester United lost 0-1 to Newcastle in the English Premier League last Saturday night.

The game at St. James Park was another time when Rashford performed disappointingly and was substituted off the field in the 61st minute, which he clearly expressed his frustration ทางเข้า UFABET 

Scholes talked about Rashford getting annoyed when he was substituted off the field. “What was he surprised about? I don’t understand, what does he think he should be on the field for? He does more harm than good to the team.”

“Marcus was outstanding last year and he has the ability. There is no doubt about that. But when you behave like that I don’t think that’s good for the team at all.”

“He is also one of the most experienced players at the moment. He is a player that people look up to, Mainu looks up to him with respect, Carnacho looks up to him with respect.”

As for Bruno, Scholes said: “What position does he ask to play? Where will you be on the field? I see him as number 10. It’s the best position for him to play with the ball and score goals.

“Where is he tonight? He had never been in that position. I saw him and immediately went to the left. Just go to the right. Sometimes it drops down. Go down and get the ball from the goalkeeper. We don’t know. The manager might let him do it. But he seems to be doing what he wants to do on the field.”