Maldini opens up about parting ways with Milan.

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Paolo Maldini the famous former defender Came out to reveal the matter of parting ways with AC Milan last summer. Even if it helps the team achieve great success.

The former defender of the “Red-Black Devils” has been fired from his position as technical director. It was reported that it came from a disagreement with the club’s owner. Ger Cardinale, which Maldini came out to reveal the story of what happened UFABET

“Cardinale told me and Massara (former sporting director) that we had been fired. I asked him why. He said I had a bad relationship with (Giorgio) Furlani (CEO). So I said: ‘Have I ever called you and complained about him?'” Maldini told La Repubblica.

“In one year I talked to him. (Cardinale) Just once. And got four messages, he said we should trust each other, I trust him, we all know how it is.”

“I believe the decision to fire Massara and me was made several months ago. And when looking back I was forced to consider my relationship with some of the people who worked with me. Of course, I find it difficult to imagine otherwise. We already know about that decision.”

“I said it that day. Before I walk away, today you are in position. But it also helps to respect the history of Milan.”

As for his future, Maldini said: “With my job, at Milan. There are many limitations. “I cannot go to another team in Italy. Maybe I will only evaluate offers from top clubs abroad .” 

“I like to win and build a team. [Saudi] Arabia might be a motivating option as well, who knows.”