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Monthly Archives: April 2024

8 benefits of prunes that girls must try.

Prunes, which ones, plums, even though they have different names? But it’s the same type of fruit. Ah…don’t get confused, prunes are dried plums. As for any fruit, it’s the name that Chinese people call plums. Prunes, small, colorful fruits, are well known for their

Are we washing our hair the wrong way?

Did you know that washing your hair the wrong way can cause unexpected damage to your hair, such as hair loss and unclean hair? No matter how much I wash, my hair still feels greasy. Including scalp problems caused by using shampoo or washing your

7 easy ways to fix “cracked heels” 

Who said “cracked heels“ were a joke? The skin of the feet is considered a big issue for girls. No less than the skin on the face. Some people have “cracked heels” so much that it hurts when they walk. or there is blood seeping Came out too.  Treating “cracked

Nourish the liver

Having a good quality of life and good health depends largely on the health of the liver, so we must nourish the liver. It can be seen that the liver is very important. Therefore, in order to keep the liver healthy and ready to function