“Brighton” is already doing well. You just have to keep doing what you do.

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Brighton manager Andrew Croft said the team had already performed well.

Graham Potter and the team were brought in by Chelsea after they sacked Thomas Tuchel a few days ago .

That leaves the Seagulls’ managerial position vacant, with Crofs temporarily taking charge of the army. The

38-year-old has made 125 appearances for Brighton and he was appointed U21 manager over the course of 12 months. In the past

, Croft saw Brighton doing well. So they just have to carry on what they’re doing.

“For now I only think about the team and what this team needs in the next few days,” he said.

“I am proud and excited . I have been at this club for many years. But this isn’t about me. The important thing is what the club and the players want.” the UFABET report

“I will mainly focus on Bournemouth, joining them as a team. in order to fight to win as many points as possible And from what I’ve seen this season They’re in a really cool position and are super confident. You can see that they enjoy football in their own way and are looking forward to the next game.”

“They know where they are. and what must be done to get there Therefore, we have to maintain the level they are doing now. We don’t have to change anything.”

“We just have to push what they are doing. They worked hard as a whole team to get to this point. We just have to help them in every way we can.”