“Alba” Barcelona secretly offered himself to the python.

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Barcelona left-back Jordi Alba has expressed his dissatisfaction with the club’s lack of direct talks. The offer to send him to Inter Milan

was one of the surprise deals last summer. When news that “Barcelona” agreed to send Alba to “Python” on loan for the rest of the season,

however, Alba insisted that he did not want to move out of the Camp Nou, making the deal a must. Falling down, the

latest Alba shows that he is not satisfied that the agency does not speak directly. But admit that anything can happen in football.

It was reported that Barca had agreed a move for the 33-year-old but he did not want to leave the Camp Nou and join the Serie A side.

Alba has been asked about the rumors and says he only wanted to stay at the club and remains completely committed to the Catalan giants. the UFABET report

“It will be fair or not depends on the situation. But I prefer being direct. And I want others to do the same for me,” he said at an adidas event when asked if the deal was fair.

“I have nothing to say. Although I still want to say more. this is football world Nothing can surprise me any more.”

This isn’t the first time Barca has embarrassed Alba, having previously been one of the players the club called for a pay cut. to alleviate the club’s financial crisis