Juventus confirms ‘Pogba’ thigh injury, see you next season

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Paul Pogba is expected to miss the remainder of the season for Juventus after being diagnosed with a thigh injury. The issue that caused him to walk off the field in tears during Sunday night’s 2-0 win over Cremonese.

The 30-year-old superstar moved on a free transfer from Manchester United, returning to Juventus last summer. But almost never had the opportunity to play throughout the past season. due to a chronic knee injury. the UFABET report

Until the end of the season can be restore to the field. With Juventus being careful not to rush Pogba to return to the field. Gradually sending him to play as a substitute Until being confident to play for the first time on Sunday

, however, Pogba was only on the field for 21 minutes. And was unfortunately injured again. Trying to open a long ball into the penalty area Hard to the point that I can’t play anymore. had to change out with his own tears

Recently, Juventus has come out to inform the news that Pogba’s injury has occurred in the thigh and has entered the healing process at J| Medical

. report from SportMediaset states that it should be no less than 20 days, so it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see it. The France international has returned to action this season,

with his last game since the 4-0 loss to Liverpool in April 2022, as a persistent injury ruled out Pogba. Stadium for Juventus, only 159 minutes.