History of the game Dragon Tiger

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Dragon Tiger Online Easy to play profitable game from just 1 card. This card game is getting more and more popular. With the nature of the game that is easy, fast, and has a clear payout rate. However, this card game Has a play style similar to baccarat. ฺut baccarat is complicated with the way of playing. and a wide variety of bets including opening up to 3 cards   

A single card game that is adapted from betting with a variety of card games. Many people still do not know that this card game is complicated. In fact, Tiger-Dragon or Dragon-Tiger is a card game that can be played very easily. From using a single card to decide win or lose Format of this card game There is a history that is unclear as to what kind of game it originated from. Many sources assume that it originated in Asia where this style of playing cards was developed. Whether it is the Khmer side that is the origin of the casino or even in mainland China . สมัคร UFABET

However, it is expected that Card games have been developed to have a form of speed. 

By making decisions with just one card and seize the result of losing and winning at 13 points

Although quite different from other card games. But it is considered that the layout of the cards is quite similar. Whether it is a Baccarat card game or a bounce card, referring to the result of the highest value of the face of the card, which is the letter K (13), which is used to determine the value of the highest three cards.

But no matter what the origin of this card is with the unique identity of this card game Therefore, it has been developed continuously. until leading to a gambling game in various casinos And was used to play in online casinos with the addition of more betting options