Nourish the liver

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Having a good quality of life and good health depends largely on the health of the liver, so we must nourish the liver. It can be seen that the liver is very important. Therefore, in order to keep the liver healthy and ready to function to its fullest potential, an easy way to enhance liver health is: Choosing foods that are beneficial to and enhance liver function.

1. Broccoli  

It is considered a good vegetable that is easily available and provides high levels of liver benefits. Because it contains both vitamin C and sulfur, as well as flavonoids that help detoxify the liver, it is suitable for stir-frying, making salads, and dipping into chili paste. Or you can eat it fresh as well.

2. Garlic, pepper, shallots 

It is considered an ingredient in Thai food. That is in every kitchen. Let’s start with garlic, which contains diallyl sulfide. and sulfur that helps in detoxifying the liver Pepper is a spice that contains beta-cryptoxanthin that helps fight free radicals for the liver. ทางเข้า ufabet And shallots contain both sulfur and quercetine. that improves liver function

3. Eggs 

It is food that is full of benefits and is not expensive. Because it contains protein, choline, and sulfur, it helps increase the efficiency of the liver and helps flush out toxins remaining in the liver.

4. Celery 

Contains flavonoids It helps fight free radicals and helps  nourish the liver.  In addition to being a vegetable that adds beauty to each dish, Can also be used to make various types of food menus.

5. Prunusmume Prunusmume 

A fruit that has been dubbed SUPERFRUIT by Asians, a powerful fruit that helps promote the efficiency of liver function. It has been published in the medical journal Phytotherapy Research and is widely accepted in the medical community as an important component of  Hepheka. Hepheka, a liver nourishing dietary supplement product.  At the cellular level, it revitalizes, detoxifies, and enhances liver function. Including nourishing the liver to work efficiently.