8 benefits of prunes that girls must try.

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Prunes, which ones, plums, even though they have different names? But it’s the same type of fruit. Ah…don’t get confused, prunes are dried plums. As for any fruit, it’s the name that Chinese people call plums. Prunes, small, colorful fruits, are well known for their properties in helping to solve constipation problems. But the benefits of prunes are not just that. There are many more benefits of this fruit. To the point of being rated as one of the fruits that girls shouldn’t miss, today Kapook.com is not waiting any longer. I’d like to volunteer to take you deeper into the benefits of prunes for women’s health. I guarantee that once you know the medicinal properties of prunes, ยูฟ่าเบท you ladies will rush out and buy some to put in the house.


Various benefits of prunes for women’s health

Relieve menstrual pain

          Until that day of the month? Our women must lose quite a bit of blood. But if we eat prunes Which is rich in iron, it helps synthesize hemoglobin in red blood cells. and helps increase blood to the body In addition, prunes also contain magnesium. that helps control normal hormones And can help relieve menstrual pain. But you have to eat prunes 1-2 days before your period to get results. Now you know this. Next month before your period, don’t forget to go buy some prunes to eat.

Lose weight.

          Any girls who are losing weight. and looking for fruits that will help with weight loss I recommend prunes. Because prunes are low in calories, 1 small prune provides approximately 23 kilocalories of energy only. Plus, prunes also have soluble fiber that helps us stay full for a long time, until we no longer have an excuse to eat snacks.

          The effectiveness of prunes in losing weight has been researched by the University of Liverpool, England. It is also confirmed that they really help in weight loss. After giving 100 obese people a chance to diet according to a weight loss plan. Eat prunes every day. Women ate 140 grams per day and men ate 171 grams per day for 12 weeks. Results showed that this group lost 2 kilograms of weight and 2.5 centimeters in waist circumference.

          However, people who are trying to lose weight should not focus on eating too many prunes because if you eat too much you may become fat as well. Plus it will cause diarrhea. The recommended amount that should be eaten is no more than 10-12 fruits per day only.

Slow down aging.

          The word “old” for us women. Anyone who speaks softly, it hurts for us to hear. If we don’t want to look old before our time You must eat prune regularly. Because prune are high in vitamin C. Helps stimulate the creation of collagen under the skin. It also has other antioxidants that help slow down the body’s aging process. It also helps to slow down wrinkles on the face. Oh, now you know the secret to slowing down aging like this. You must hurry and arrange the prunes from today.

Nourish your skin to be radiant.

          If any girls want to have pink cheeks and look rosy without needing to use blush, then You must try eating prunes. Because prune are rich in iron. Helps make our skin bright and rosy without having to rely on cosmetics at all.


Helps make hair healthy.

          The food we eat is an important factor for hair health. If we want to have thick, strong, shiny hair, we must eat foods rich in the minerals copper and zinc. Prune contain both copper minerals that help thicken hair and prevent hair loss and rapid graying of hair, and zinc minerals that help make hair shiny as well. Now it’s time to say goodbye to hair problems with prunes.


Prevent and treat osteoporosis

          Being born as a woman is truly difficult. When you enter menopause, you are more likely to be at risk for osteoporosis than men. And when you have osteoporosis, your bones will become brittle and easily break. If you have an accident, it will be even more dangerous. So don’t wait until the day you have osteoporosis, ladies. Just eating about 6-10 prune a day can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Because prune are a source of boron and potassium that help build strong bones.